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RBS Marine are the official distributor for Rodman Boats for the UK and Channel Islands. Our relationship with the Rodman boat manufacturer spans more than a decade; this historical base gives us a distinctive insight of the Rodman brand and enables us to offer a tailored service to clients wishing to purchase a Rodman boat.

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Rodman 58
Surveillance Patrol Boat of medium length, reaching maximum speeds of 35 knots, a perfect craft for coastal surveillance tasks thanks to the combination of high performance and equipment, providing accommodation for 5 crew members.

Rodman 55
This model is one of the most reputable and more demanded to our Shipyard. Her unique design makes this high speed patrol boat to offer the best performance and maneuverability available nowadays, reaching maximum speeds up to 67 knots. This craft is perfect for sea intervention operations where quick reaction is one of the differential elements.

Rodman 46
With a length of 14 m., her excellent design allows this Patrol Boat to reach maximum speed of 67 knots. The versatility of this boat is appropriated for accomplishing different operations, from high speed patrolling to pilot boat tasks.

Rodman 38
11m. in length, this Patrol Boat reaches speeds of 55 knots, suitable for intervention and surveillance tasks in coastal areas.

Rodman 33
The latest model developed up to date. This High Speed Patrol Boat reaches 55 knots due to the excellent design of her hull. This fast craft is particularly suitable for coastal surveillance and intervention operations where speed is a key element.

Rodman 82
RODMAN 82 OCEANOGRAPHIC VESSEL Catamaran of 23.76 m. in length and 9 m. in breadth, she has been designed and built to perform research and oceanographic tasks in coastal waters. Fitted with two engines providing 1,620 HP to reach a maximum speed of 27 knots, 53 tons displacement and range of about 500 miles.

Rodman 69
RODMAN 69 HYDROGRAPHICAL CATAMARAN This is a hydrographical and bathymetrical catamaran, specially designed for the study of sea beds and equipped with the latest instruments for this purpose. With a length of 22.8 m and breadth of 6.5 m., she can accommodate up to 11 people and reach maximum speeds of 22 knots.

Rodman 65
RODMAN 65 OFFSHORE SUPPORT Catamaran with a length of 20.56 m. and breadth of 7.5 m., reaching a maximum speed of 15 knots. Designed for the offshore support of wind mills in the North Sea, where navigation conditions are extremely hard. With a capacity for 12 people, this catamaran is duly equipped to perform any task related to wind industry on the high seas.

Rodman 78
RODMAN 78 Our longest passenger catamaran in length. She has a length of 23.7 m., breadth of 8.2 m, reaching a maximum speed of 15 knots. Thanks to her excellent design, this catamaran provides seating for 250 passengers, a remarkable figure for a model of these dimensions. Besides, incorporates all commodities for the passengers and the best and latest security and navigation systems.

Rodman 69
RODMAN 69 This is one of the most reputable catamarans built by Rodman. With a length of 21.45 m. and breadth of 7.30 m. she reaches a speed of 15 knots and provides seating for 150 passengers. Possibility to be fitted with submarine vision.

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